FCP OT-Data Rescue vs. Disc Warrior

Posted by mark@avolution 
FCP OT-Data Rescue vs. Disc Warrior
April 16, 2010 02:13PM
I have a RAID Drive that has dropped off the desktop.
I have Disc Warrior and it can see this drive.
I have NOT yet let it rebuild the drive.

I am wondering if Data Rescue can do a better job
(I would have to purchase it)

As the RAID drive on preview mode of Disc Warrior
says most directories are scrambled like yesterdays eggs!

I am presently backing up all my critical data, FCP files,
capture scratch files, etc to a non-raid external.

Any idea of how Data Rescue might fair?

(this drive WAS my Dual Redundancy, but this is gone now)
Re: FCP OT-Data Rescue vs. Disc Warrior
April 16, 2010 03:02PM
Data Rescue and Disc Warrior are two different things. Data Rescue recovers data from a failed drive, while Disc Warrior repairs the directory structure of the drive. Very often a drive doesn't mount because data was being written to it when the drive was abruptly powered off, causing the directory structure to go corrupt. Disk Warrior fixes directory corruption.

Data Rescue is a different thing. It's made to data that has been deleted or if the drive is not easily accessible. It doesn't fix anything on the drive.

>this drive WAS my Dual Redundancy

Dual Redundancy? You mean it's a RAID 6 array that fell off the edge of your table?

Re: FCP OT-Data Rescue vs. Disc Warrior
April 16, 2010 08:54PM
See if you can get Disk Warrior to let you do a temporary mount -- if so -- run out and get another drive and use that temporary directory it will create and move everything somewhere else - this happened to me a few weeks ago - I asked Diskwarrior to rebuild the directory and it couldn't but it could temporarily mount it and that saved the day -- but go ahead and let it rebuild the directory -- it will tell you if it's successful or not -- and if it is it will ask you to replace it (and save the old one and an report to another drive) Diskwarrior has saved more than one crashed drive for us

Data Rescue takes forever to search drives (we ran one for 24 hours and it still wasn't done) but it did managed for find deleted files and recover them -- Diskwarrior is your better bet
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