Posted by LWGray 
Re: Crashes
October 28, 2010 03:46AM
derekmok: There are a large number of DVD extractions involved in this project, and this is the first time I've heard someone mention them as being a problem...

A single file is very unlikely to be causing the issue, as we have 3 editors working on different material with only limited crossover of media between the projects, besides we've seen the issue with just 3-4 pieces of media on the timeline, without effects, transitions or stills.
Re: Crashes
October 28, 2010 03:46AM
> Reference movies would always be a no-no in my book from previous experience, however, do you have any ideas as to how I might find a single (or multiple)
> reference movie file amongst 17,000+ files?

If your files were organized well, you should know where to look. Exported, second-generation non-timecoded movie files should not be mixed with timecoded media, audio files, graphics and so on. If you knew the location of the file, then it should be a simple matter of navigating to that folder and then going into OS, arranging by File Size.

But before you even do that, don't you already know whether you have a reference movie file being used in the project?
Re: Crashes
October 28, 2010 03:51AM
True, and we have an MCR department here who are supposed to oversee the organisation of the media for projects which is ingested/captured by them, however post producers are allowing editors to import material unchecked, so who knows what they're doing, and where they're placing said files in a project of this size. I'm not involved in the edit at all, I just have the job of keeping the system up and running.
Re: Crashes
October 28, 2010 04:18AM
> however post producers are allowing editors to import material unchecked, so who knows what they're doing

Ouch. If some of the editors are quacks who don't understand media management, you'll have way more suspects than you can chase down. I heard people complaining of choppy playback and sync problems at a post house, as well, until I took one look at their system and found out they were trying to run Uncompressed HD footage off a single non-RAIDED drive, while listening to audio from a capture card but watching picture on the Digital Cinema Desktop.

The fact that a project file with only four or five objects in it has the same problem would point to a cause other than a corrupt file. I'd suspect the shared storage.

What happens if you move the project file and as much media as possible to a local drive? What exactly are the Sequence and clip settings?
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