removal of background
July 06, 2010 02:49PM
I have final cut pro on my apple g5 non intel machine. I have made a
short movie(1 minute) with a model speaking in front of a green screen.
I can remove the green screen and make the background black.
I want to remove the background completely so only the model remains. I
intend to put the model speaking on my website by converting the .mov to .flv . I would like to know the setting to completely remove the background. When the background is removed in flash the model will walk out on to my website with my website as background and begin to to talk.
Thank You
Re: removal of background
July 06, 2010 07:23PM
If you don't want to see a black background in FCP's Canvas window you can change it either white or check board by using the first drop down menu on the right on in the Canvas window. To export w/o a black back ground you'll have to use a codec that supports an Alpha channel such as Animation (and setting the colors to millions of colors+ in your export settings).

Re: removal of background
July 08, 2010 07:57AM
I think those Canvas backgrounds are for display only; they don't affect media or program out, do they?

The alpha channel is the tricky part-- seems only one version, Flash 8, using the On2 VP6 codec found in Sorenson Squeeze V supports nice, lightweight Flash exports with alpha channels. In my experience, if you try generating .flv's with alpha in Squeeze 6.x, or later Flash versions, you get file bloat.

- Loren

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