question about editing without capture scratch

Posted by swati_guild 
question about editing without capture scratch
July 27, 2010 12:21AM
Short version: If I have the original P2 materials for a project but lack the capture scratch files that were made when the P2 content was ingested into a FCP system can I edit on this fcp project file?

Long-winded version: I am working on a collaborative project with another filmmaker and I just moved across the country with the P2 files we shot. Meanwhile she has begun to edit and ingested the p2 materials into her system and made clips etc. If she sends me the fcp file for the project is there anyway I can work on it without her having to send me a drive with her capture scratch?

Would edl or xml files be of any use to me? And if so, how exactly would I use them?

Thanks so much!
Re: question about editing without capture scratch
July 27, 2010 12:40AM
If you're working on shared projects, you need to keep the same file names without duplicate names on all media.

If you have the P2 files and the project file, launch the project file in FCP. The media will be offline. So load all P2 mags into the log and transfer window, select the offline P2 clips, right click and select recapture.
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