OMF drift in Prot-tools.

Posted by Ethan 
OMF drift in Prot-tools.
October 18, 2010 02:20AM
I'm having a sync problem with OMF imported into Pro-tools.

This feature film was shot with a sony camera, and an HVX200, mostly the Sony in AVCHD, everything was transcoded to ProRes 422 23.98. Everything was shot 23.98.

Some of the audio was second system sound, but it seemed to sync up ok I don't remember any drift problems.

I exported an OMF at 48khz 16 bit, the same rate the audio was shot at and cut at.

First odd thing. When importing the OMF Pro-tools (v8.04) complains that the OMF start is earlier then the session start. Everything was set at 1 hour even. So something is wrong there. Still the session starts out in sync.

Audio drifts in the takes as well as the edits drifting. By the end of the reel we are 9 frames off, that without a pull down or up.

Reel 2 is not exhibiting this problem. We resolved the problem in Reel 1 by media managing the project. And then exporting an OMF. There is some of the second system sound at the head of reel 1 but it's not the first audio.

Any suggestions to what is making this real not maintain it's specs?

Another issue is the reference picture I made the audio is short 1/2 a frame just enough to cut off the Audio, what is up with that?
Re: OMF drift in Prot-tools.
October 18, 2010 11:25AM
Hi Ethan,
Regarding the "session start" problem.

Make sure the Pro Tools session is set to the same timecode type as the material coming from the FCP
BEFORE using the "Import Session Data" command. I have had this error come up if the Pro Tools session was set to non-drop and the imported material was drop.

Also, is the Pro Tools setup HD or LE?
If it's LE the system needs to have to DV Toolkit option to see timecode.
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