Red2k-3k footage with HMC150 1080

Posted by J.Corbett 
Red2k-3k footage with HMC150 1080
October 31, 2010 05:00PM
I am looking to upgrade to the upcoming red scarlet. I have 2 HMC150's now but thought that a red could fit into the picture somehow.

I am relatively sure that someone here has seen HMC footage beside or in sequence with red2k. I am wondering how far the match is and how hard is it to tweak the footage to match (assuming the same frame rate).

I know i will have to take the 3k down to 1080 but other than that what's to look out for?

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Re: Red2k-3k footage with HMC150 1080
November 01, 2010 12:51AM
The Scarlet is a "phantom camera" until it comes out. No one other than a handful of people who shot with the prototype know what the footage looks like. So until you see footage from that camera, the best you have to go with is stuff from the RED ONE. And I can tell you the difference between the Red One and HMC-150 is staggering. VERY different look. You'll spot it right away.

And with the way Jannard wants to make the scarlet, non-prosumer and VERY pro...I'm sure it will look comparable.

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Re: Red2k-3k footage with HMC150 1080
November 02, 2010 07:22AM
The Scarlet in 3k looks pretty similar to the RED One in 3k. Low light performance is nice, and it shoots R3D files with the same workflow as the existing RED Cameras. If you can get hold of some RED footage, it will tell you what it's like, and because it's raw, you can "develop" it with whatever curve you want to match existing cameras.

As Shane points out, Scarlet is very much professional, but a smaller / cheaper camera than the Epic. As always with any purchase, test and research beforehand.

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