workflow from fcp to compressor from HD prores footage shoot on Cannon XHA1 on 30f mode

Posted by calimantra 
Hi All,

I have finished editing a live concert performance, the shooting was done with 4 Cannon XHA1's and was captured in
30f mode on dv tape.... then I captured the footage into FCP 6.06 via firewire as prores422.

I have edited in fcp 6.06 , sequence settings are

frame size- 1440 x 1080
pixel aspect ratio- HD 1440x1080
field dominance- NONE
editing timebase 29.97
quicktime video settings- Apple Prores 422

now I send to compressor and pick the best dvd settings and I see frame comtrols ect..ect...
do I just leave that to automatic? or do I set frame controls, resize filter, output fields, and the other controls
in this box manually?

I just want to get a good looking final SD dvd with the 16:9 aspect Ratio.

Thanks in advance for any help!

PV in LA
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