Meta data retrieval
January 12, 2011 08:55PM
We have a 2 cam shoot done on two 60ds which we would like to be able to synch some clips from. The cams buttoned off and on at will.

We have a theory that we can extract the time of day metadata from each clip and append it to the file name with Automator, and use this to find clips shot at around the same time and adjust them manually, perhaps using an offset once we know the difference between the two internal clocks.

Does anyone have a better method or suggestion for this process?

Re: Meta data retrieval
January 12, 2011 09:04PM
The Canon E1 plugin used with Log and Transfer should be able to add time-of-day timecode to the converted H.264 clips.

I would think that, rather than waste time adding times to file names, you can just lay them onto a timeline, sync each angle to itself first, and then combine them. That way you can just do the entire angle offset at one go. Also, that would allow you to check the integrity of the sync.

I would suggest that before you sync, you add a Nick Meyers timecode burn overlay (ie. using a Text object) first, with the burn matching the timeline timecode. That would speed you up very quickly so that when you open a clip, just take its Media In timecode and fly it right to that point in the timeline. That overlay would also allow you to account for the timecode lapses when the cameras weren't rolling.
Re: Meta data retrieval
January 13, 2011 04:56AM
Using the Canon Plugin will also allow you to use my sequenceLiner app (which is free) to speed up the sync process. It will use an XML export of bins and a master sequence to create a timeline track for each bin where each clip of the bin is placed at the selected timecode (might be source TC, aux1 TC or aux2 TC).
This way you can easily go thru the timeline and match those clips which might not having a correct common TC. Then you might export each of the tracks (with audio and video) as referenced movie to create a big multiclip from there.
See the movie from Supermeet in 2009 []

Re: Meta data retrieval
January 13, 2011 06:54PM
Thanks guys - processing.

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