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Posted by Delphinus 
Re: FCP Filters
February 06, 2011 07:54PM
That's it! That's what it sounds like.. people talking under water. Thanks thumbs down
Re: FCP Filters
February 06, 2011 09:17PM
To run the noise removal, you need to first sample an area which consists of only the noise. Then you go in and gently nudge it until you get a decent balance of noise removal, before they turn into Martians. You cannot make a bad recording room sound like a studio, and like any processes you will get artifacts if you overdo it.

Re: FCP Filters
February 07, 2011 12:49PM
derekmok Wrote:
> Stan, the reputations of PavTube and Aunsoft are
> insidious...which is why the "spammer" suspicion
> arose. These two companies frequently have their
> spammers post glowing reviews of their own
> products under false names, without identifying
> themselves as the makers. (If you Google them,
> you'll find at least a dozen websites that have
> reported spam from these two companies)
> There are some gaps in your knowledge that you can
> fill by reading some manuals, but you should also
> get some instruction from a technically adept
> editor. There are some basic points you need to
> clear up -- for example, you were using DVD
> presets to create a web-bound movie, which is
> entirely the wrong approach. (That's what "90
> minutes" meant -- to fit 90 minutes onto a
> standard 4GB blank DVD) And since we thought you
> had intended to make a DVD, it skewed everything.
> Compressor would have been perfectly capable to do
> what you were really trying to do (create a web
> movie), as would the free, proven, legitimate
> freeware MPEG Streamclip.

Hey Derek - is the anusoft video converter actually a bad app? i had no idea of a dubious reputation regards that particular developer. their video converter has crashed on me a few times in a 24hr period but otherwise it seems to work rather well (and no i'm not from anusoft - although i also realise the more i emphasize that the more likely it seems! smiling smiley

only i tried using albeit what i believe to be a slightly older version of streamclip, i didn't have initial luck transcoding my mts's to prores.

not critical, i'd just be interested to know what you know or have heard about it (staying legal on lafpug of course!)
Re: FCP Filters
February 07, 2011 02:57PM
> only i tried using albeit what i believe to be a slightly older version of streamclip,
> i didn't have initial luck transcoding my mts's to prores.

MPEG Streamclip doesn't do MTS files. I think ClipWrap does (I don't use it, can't vouch for it). Voltaic does -- but at a snail's pace (90 minutes to encode a 90-second Canon AVCHD MTS clip -- that's a pathetic 60:1 time ratio). Plus, I've compared the same AVCHD clip imported using the E1 plugin vs. Voltaic, and the Voltaic-created clip appears to have a difference in colour hue.

I usually use FCP's Log and Transfer with the Canon E1 plugin, and that works at something like 1.5:1 to 1:1 speed. Most flavours of MTS media would have their own plugin to work with FCP.

To be a bit more fair to Voltaic, I was using it on a much lower-powered system than the Log and Transfer.

Just for their unethical advertising practices, I would never touch anything with "Aunsoft" on it. Yet another untrustworthy thing is that their spammers tend to be mainland Chinese with extremely poor English (can we say "hackerland" )? The technical knowledge on these companies' websites is also extremely iffy. I remember one company that said its transcoding software "gives your clips the film look". That's fishier than 10 sushi restaurants.

Re: FCP Filters
February 07, 2011 03:22PM
My machine at home is an older G5 PPC which doesn't support AVCHD, so FCP's Log and Transfer doesn't work with MTS files. I tried Voltaic - I didn't think it was a bad as Derek found it, but it was still agonisingly slow. I'm now using Clipwrap and converting to ProRes 422. It's pretty consistent at 5:1 - ie 5 hours to convert 1 hour of footage.
Re: FCP Filters
February 07, 2011 05:44PM
What Derek said. Also, I have noticed that google search results these days for encoders/converters bring up nothing but spam hits usually. Mkv, for example, doesn't need an encoder. You only need a muxer and there is a free utility for that. There are ffmpeg projects supporting avi encoding for years, which is open source. Vlc uses the ffmpeg library for decoding and encoding.

Mpeg streamclip can read certain mts files, but mts is only a wrapper. I did use it to transcode hdv mts files when the production crew messed up the file structure. Otherwise, clipwrap is usually the better buy.

Re: FCP Filters
February 08, 2011 05:23AM
i hear ya derek, but i have had success transcoding 303 clips to prores - albeit it did crash about 4 times during the process - but the result seems pretty good....

must remember to have my cam gain setting on zero though smiling smiley
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