Relinking Files

Posted by shelleyrae 
Relinking Files
February 07, 2011 01:27PM

I have been working on a large project and have a folder on my desktop that contains several master and media files that I have used through a 10 minute video. It contains my Motion Master projects, Photoshop files, stock footage, etc. I know I should have kept this on a another media drive, but for several reasons, I didn't.

Eventually, I want to move this folder off my boot drive to a proper media drive, but I'm worried once I do that, I will have a relinking nightmare when I go to open the project after the folder has moved. If I relink one file, will Final Cut know to relink all the others in that folder?

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Re: Relinking Files
February 07, 2011 02:50PM
It's not a nightmare if you'd organized your files, and if every file has a unique name. Now, if you'd captured every clip as "Untitled", then you'll have problems.

You shouldn't be afraid of moving and relinking media. In order to be a pro editor, you have to know how to set up a project to anticipate that scenario, and how to safeguard the project. I move and rename things all the time, and after I do that, I immediately squash the problems by addressing them right away (for example, by forcing a disconnect/relink on a file whose name/location I'm changing).

When in doubt, make a copy of the project file before you attempt the relink. If the relink doesn't work and you have media missing, you then have the option of just moving everything back onto the desktop, make sure the folder matches the old name, and then open the old copy of the project. Media locations are saved as part of the project file unless you tell FCP to "Forget" them at the "offline media" dialog box.
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