general question about subclips

Posted by zipperplug 
general question about subclips
March 16, 2011 08:50PM
Just a quick question -

if I am syncing dailies for a show and create subclips from the timeline itself, is there any difference between what I create there and a subclip from a master clip in the browser?

When I hit Command-U and make a subclip from the timeline, it shows up in the bin as a "sequence subclip." Is this essentially the same as a regular subclip?

Re: general question about subclips
March 18, 2011 09:18AM
"a "sequence subclip." Is this essentially the same as a regular subclip?"


if it looks like a squence, it is a sequence.
try using the in a timeline and see what happens.
or simply take our word for it that you do NOT want to do that!

the way i sync & subclip rushes is to sync in a timeline,
blading picture and sound as i go, ("blading" is a misnomer, i actually use control v)
select the picture AND sound for each slate/take,
LINK them,
open into the viewer,

actually i have a macro for this:

after blading (or control-v-ing)

x (marks around clip)
option a (select in-out)
apple l (link selection)
return (open into viewer)
apple u (subclip)

this gives me a subclip in the browser ready to be re-named

down arrow (goes to end or name)
delete x 8 (deletes the word "subclip" and the space after the clip name)

i re-name the clips while syncing,
then link & subclip en-masse.
i find that the most efficient approach.

the clips have to be made independent clips for this to work.

Re: general question about subclips
March 22, 2011 09:44AM
What is blading(control-v)? I am unfamiliar with this process.


Re: general question about subclips
March 22, 2011 09:53AM
> What is blading(control-v)?

CONTROL-V isn't "blading" per se. (Nick is being extremely precise here with his terminology) "Blading", literally speaking, would be switching to the Razorblade tool (B) and clicking on a clip to chop it in two. FCP's CONTROL-V is much like a command in Avid (forgot its name) where it splits every clip on an active track, or every clip that's been selected, in two. There's no "blade" in the interface or the shortcut, hence the choice of language.

I also don't use Blade very often anymore, because it's rare that I only need to blade one clip at a time. But, the single-clip Blade can be useful when, for example, you're cutting out a huge chunk. Then it's easier to Blade-click-delete than to fly all the way to the end of the clip to do an Extend edit or drag the edge back to your cut point.
Re: general question about subclips
March 22, 2011 02:03PM
I haven't used the mouse Blade tool in a dog's age. Control-V (Add Edit in FCP or Avid-- although the Avid default is unmapped in 5.x) is the Blade equivalent action from the keyboard. You regulate which track or tracks get sliced using the AutoSelect toggles in your patch panel.

You can even slice on the fly, during playback, which you cannot do with the mouse Blade tool. Very powerful tool.

- Loren

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Re: general question about subclips
March 22, 2011 06:27PM
I use ctrl-v all the time. In fact I use it so much that I've re-mapped my keyboard so that the 'c' key does it for me in one stroke. By default, 'c' is 'crop', but I hardly ever use that in comparison. With my fingers perpetually over j-k-l, the 'c' key is very handy for my little finger smiling smiley
Re: general question about subclips
March 22, 2011 06:44PM
Nick Meyers Wrote:
> actually i have a macro for this:

Hey Nick, what software or application do you use for your macro
Re: Macro software (was: general question about subclips)
March 22, 2011 09:38PM
Hi Zavpil,

i use QuicKeys.
there are others, but i haven't used them.

Quickeys at $90 is the most expensive, but still affordable.
i think some of the others you can pick up for $20.

what i do is really very simple, really just a string of keyboard shortcuts.
but they can do all sorts of things:
mouse clicks and adding specific text (i've used these in FCP),
menu commands, switching apps, etc, etc.

shortcut strings can pretty much happen at the speed of light,
so the thing when programming them is to leave PAUSES,
as FCP still needs time to register that it's opened a new window, or entered into a TC fled, etc.

also you need to really trial and test the macros.

to that end you turn on "short cut de-bugging" in QK,
then when you START the macro in FCP, you get a control window pop up,
there you can step thru or run the macro.

the macro unfolds like a set of dominoes tumbling, so a fair bit of accurate set-up is involved.

the sate of FCP when you start the macro is very important:
are you in the right window?
for instance, is a major concern

figure out where it needs finessing, then bounce back to QK to edit the macro,
back to FCP and trial it again.

alternatively you can simply record a whole lot of your own actions, (which would be going at a natural speed, so would not get ahead of FCP)
then play them back.
i haven't done that,

you set a trigger, or a "hot key" to run the macro,
so it basically becomes a mega-shortcut that you use while working in FCP.

i always assign a THREE MODIFIER trigger, like CONTROL+OPTION+COMMAND,
as that wont conflict with any FCP shortcuts (maximum of TWO modifier key-combos in FCP)
CONTROL+OPTION+COMMAND is easy to remember, easy to press.

i try to make the trigger a kind of "extension" of the FCP function,
so the Link + Subclip command is Control+Option+Command+L

i've never had more than a dozen or so on any particular project,

macro command Hot Keys from new projects sometimes conflict with older Macros with the same Hot Key.
in QK you can turn the macros on or off (like in iTunes),
"decommissioning" shortcuts you don't need right now, but might need later.

that's an overview, i'm sure most of the apps would have similar functionality.
you can get a 30-day free trial of QK

Re: Macro software (was: general question about subclips)
March 24, 2011 12:20PM
Sorry for the late answer, Nick

Thx for the nice description.
Someone at work has iKey, which I am testing now.... I see what you say about the Pauses FCP needs...
I am just running out keyboard shorcuts ideas!!!! Or at least things I can remember but it 's awesome.
Re: Macro software (was: general question about subclips)
March 24, 2011 09:02PM
welcome to the world of macros!

not too surprisingly, i mainly use them for long strings of shortcuts that i might need to do a lot of.

so it's great for "assistant" type work.
dealing with rushes for instance, or when my assistant was doing subtitles

as an editor i used it on my last film to make rushes sequences out of rushes bins.

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