HELP "3D monitoring via graficcard" HELPconfused smiley

Posted by mester 
HELP "3D monitoring via graficcard" HELPconfused smiley
March 31, 2011 05:07AM
I need to do some 3D editing
using Neo3D and FCS7
got my self a nice Acer 24" 3D monitor with HDMI1.4a input
I can get real time play-out to work via my IOHD box, but just found out that this hardware don't support 3D play out, for that U need Konan3G pci-card, and that is some investment for my
I got the ATI 5870 graphic card in my MacPro, and wonder if I can use that for 3D stereoscopic output, and if I can, what do I need to do?tongue sticking out smiley
any other solutions is most welcomegrinning smiley
Re: HELP "3D monitoring via graficcard" HELPconfused smiley
April 05, 2011 06:18PM
For an inexpensive route, I'd try Blackmagic's Intensity Pro (@ $200). You can use that for HDMI out to a 3DTV or monitor that supports what you can output via Neo3D (side-by-side, fields, or stacked for example). I'm not familiar with that monitor to know if it will take one of those flavors of 3D.

You might want to check with the good folks at Cineform (now a division of GoPro) for some options or check with one of their resellers. I've gone through New Media Hollywood in the past.
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