Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point

Posted by ringenw 
Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point
April 01, 2011 06:19AM
Looking for some advise for converting a .mov cut w/ FCP to a .wmv for Powerpoint.
> Using compressor. Have the Studio version of Flip for Mac w/ latest updates, with "preset" encoding profiles.
> My question: What are most folks using for a good, middle of the road encoding profile to convert .mov to .wmv for insertion into a powerpoint presentation? The presentation will be on a laptop, but we never know the specs on the laptop. So we have to balance being safe and making sure it plays. versus the best quality possible. This is 16 X 9 SD.
> I want to stick with .wmv. Not .mpg, avi or asf.
> My choices are low end.... "One pass CBR 40" through high end....... "One pass presentation High 16 X 9"

Once I pick an encoding setup, I'll make a droplet and use it fairly often.

OSX 10.6.4 FCP 7.0.3 F4mac
> Thanks
> Bill
Re: Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point
April 08, 2011 07:24AM
Is there a client, and did said client specifically ask for a .wmv? and/or do you know which version of PPT that will be used?

I'm asking because .wmv has been supplanted by H.264 in the most recent version of PPT (if not the previous, as well)

If that's what the client wants/needs, of course give them that. But I have stopped supplying most if not all of my PPT clients with .wmvs. Most have switched over to H.264.

When in doubt of the power of the machine that will play the videos back, I give clients two copies. One high-quality and one medium-to-low quality. I tell them to try the good-looking one first, and if that doesn't work, they either should get a different computer for the presentation or settle for using the lower-quality one.

I can't give you any specifics, however. It's been a long time since I've encoded a .wmv for PPT, and I can't recall the settings. I have an H.264 preset in Compressor that I tend to use now.

Re: Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point
April 08, 2011 09:09AM
Even Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 plays H.264 .mp4. The paid version of Microsoft Expression Encoder also encodes H.264 .mp4.

Alas someone on Vista or XP with WMP11 may still want WMV.

Are you using Flip4Mac Studio which is Presets only as you only mention the presets?
Studio Pro allows customization and Studio Pro HD allows 2 Pass encoding and HD frame size.

Middle of the road is unfortunately very vague. The laptop might be anything from an old Intel Celeron with Intel GMA chip to a new i7 Quad Core with good nVideo or AMD/ATI GPU. What's middle of the road for the latter might be a real struggle for the former. If you chose a lowest common denominator it may look horrid and they'll blame you for that. Clients have the responsibility of providing you with the laptop specs otherwise you should make them understand they either accept lowest common denominator or pay for redo. Personally even two variations might not be enough. I say that because, from experience, when I've done that even the "better" file wasn't good enough since they had a new fast laptop.
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