If you're willing to play a little Sherlock Holmes about FCP X...

Posted by Chi-Ho Lee 
If you're willing to play a little Sherlock Holmes about FCP X...
April 14, 2011 09:58AM
If you watch the full demo video here:

And then examine some of the hi res stills from Larry Jordon's blog:


This will answer a few of the questions that people have been asking.

I was curious if the new "Browser" can only display film strip and text view only. Well, this pic show the browser with icon view and no filmstrip mode:


Some people were wondering if we are always stuck with magnetic timeline. If you look at the top right of the timeline portion, you'll see a blue icon that to me, looks like a toggle mode for magnetic mode:


People complained that it's all mouse driven. The demo expressly said that everything can be keyboard driven at 9:26 into the video:

At 11:38, the demo shows a clip appearance button which shows six different options of viewing clips in the timeline. I am hopeful that one of them will be the traditional v1/a1/a2 style of timeline appearance.

So as many others have alluded, there appears to be much more depth to the software that we haven't seen. Again, I am excited and hopeful of this new version.


Chi-Ho Lee
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