Drives keep ejecting

Posted by bluey 
Drives keep ejecting
May 09, 2011 08:59AM
Hi, i'm working in FCP off a couple of drives, but both eject randomly and frequently, ergo media hops offline a re-rendering is required - annoying.

It's the freelancer's machine, my mission to sort it out, so, the question is has this happened with any drives you guys have used, the same thing ever happen to any of you?

Many thanks,
Re: Drives keep ejecting
May 09, 2011 09:43AM
What kind of external drives? Firewire? eSata? Raided? Other? And, how old are the drives in question?

Meantime, could be a number of reasons. A few of the more common:

1. Bad power brick. Swap it out for one that you know works and make sure that it's one that the manufacturer supplied. You usually lose warranty but not using the power brick that came with the drive.

2. Bad connections. Make sure that everything it seated properly.

3. Bad cables. Swap out the firewire or whatever you're using for ones that work.

4. Bad port on the drive. Nothing that you can do about that. It might be able to get fixed at a repair facility.

5. Corrupted file structure. First go to disk utility and run a first aid check. Sometimes a permissions repair will do the trick.

6. A drive about to head south on you. Oftentimes drives don't just cease to function, but give you some advance warning by acting buggy as you describe. Nothing you can do about that either other than getting the drives over to a repair shop asap and seeing if they can copy the data over to a new drive.
Re: Drives keep ejecting
May 09, 2011 09:54AM
Re-rendering is the least of your problems. Every time a drive disconnects, its directory can fry, and any number of files can be corrupted. Run diagnostics -- Disk Utility First Aid, DiskWarrior, the works. And switch to different cables and ports.
Re: Drives keep ejecting
May 09, 2011 12:29PM
bluey a couple of drives

? ? ? What kind of drives / how are they connected ? ? ?

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