Posted by Kozikowski 
July 05, 2011 03:25PM
Maybe I shouldn't have posted this on the Studio Pro forum...


I can bore you to tears about how 3:2 works and how reversing it has occasional problems, etc. etc. But when you throw QuickTime formats into the mix, I'm less sure on my feet.

I can post some of the video as well since I have my own web site. The idea is to keep as much of the quality as possible.

Re: De-3:2
July 05, 2011 04:04PM
Replied there, but we might as well move it here.

Is the pulldown consistent? Compressor removes pulldown, if it fails, then you need to fiddle around in CT. Not sure why you cant get CT working on the clip. Could be a codec thing. Try transcoding it to Uncompressed or ProRes HQ before sending to CT. Another app that adds and removes pulldown is jes deinterlacer.


Haven't tried it on NTSC footage, as I don't work in NTSC frame rates most of the time.

I have gotten CT to work, but it did take me quite some bit of fiddling, as I come from a PAL country. I have only used it once on 2 shots with pulldown (needed to remove pulldown before doing speed ramps on it or it will look like turd).
Re: De-3:2
July 05, 2011 04:21PM
Actually, coming to think of it, CT has an automatic pulldown detector, which you could use. Didn't work on my clips, but those clips i had were pretty messed up.
Re: De-3:2
July 06, 2011 01:54PM
In the manual for CT it mentions automatic detector, but I've never found it in the app itself. Compressor can do automatic detection, but for me, I've often ended up slicing up a video on a pulldown change and manually sending each segment through CT, telling it the precise pulldown pattern on each one.

Re: De-3:2
July 06, 2011 07:59PM
I got close enough to the production machine to post a clip. It's a QuickTime with no compression and it clearly has conventional 3:2 in it, and, unless I miss my sums, starts on an A frame.


Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 05:23PM
I've tried the Usual Suspects. JES De-Interlacer produces an output movie, but completely scrambles the picture. If anyone could try that file or tell me what's wrong with it, that would be a good thing. There are many more where that came from and it would be good to figure out a pipeline so we don't have to do through all this again.

The current pipeline is to park someone on a Flame and remove the 3:2 manually. Frame by frame.

We figure he's going to crack sooner or later.

Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 06:09PM
Hi Koz... Jeepers! Is it possible to trim the file?
Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 06:42PM
<<<Hi Koz... Jeepers! Is it possible to trim the file?>>>

It is trimmed. The original is 50 seconds @ 1.47GB. This one is a sub sample of that, 7 seconds at 225MB. Nobody wants to use a compressor on it because of conflicting compression artifacts.

"Did it fail because it's H.264, or because my tools failed?"

If I go too much further down, the auto-3:2 isn't going to have enough to chew on.

I can take a bit more of the Boo-Boo off at the end. When Yogi sweeps his hand, that's pretty obvious the clip has 3:2.

Stand by...

Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 06:54PM
OK, fine.


1.7 seconds @ 72MB.

Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 08:04PM
JES Deinterlacer:

-Gamma 2.20 NTSC
Video range
- Project: Inverse Telecine, standard, output frame rate 23.976. (You can choose to detect cadence breaks).
- Output via QT to ProRes.
Re: De-3:2
July 07, 2011 10:59PM
My God, man, Yogi and Boo-Boo in Jellystone gets chromed! I'm a child again.

Please deinterlace me.

Can Ruff and Ready be far behind?

- Loren

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