SD Card recovery advice needed

Posted by harry323 
SD Card recovery advice needed
August 04, 2011 01:48AM
I have a 32 gig SD memory card which has an hour or so of H.264 1920x1080 on it recorded on a Canon Rebel 3ti. It refuses to mount on my Mac.

So I have downloaded the demo version of something called "AppleXsoft Photo recovery" and it is currently chugging through the recovery process.

Every now and then the program throws up a dialog box which says something about the files being an "absurd" size (really!). I'm not sure, but I think it is skipping the largest files, some of which probably run for maybe 8 or 10 minutes. In any case, I click the "OK" button and it continues to gurgle away - slowly.

If this thing works it will be well worth the $50 or so that it costs - but, annoyingly, that is for a one year license only.

Can any kind soul out there please recommend an SD card recovery program that will (a) recover large files and (b) give me an unlimited license. I resent this one year license thing.

Any other thoughts and advice are, of course, welcome.

All the best,

Re: SD Card recovery advice needed
August 09, 2011 11:22AM
Card Rescue


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Re: SD Card recovery advice needed
August 09, 2011 11:53AM
Hey you have the camera or another camera that can mount SD cards? You should be able to get to the contents via firewire card through the camera.

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Re: SD Card recovery advice needed
August 09, 2011 01:15PM
Thanks for the advice. I managed to recover the data through a $20 program called "Klix" which worked just fine.

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