Correct Encoding Workflow

Posted by mindsnare 
Correct Encoding Workflow
August 07, 2011 05:40PM

I have about 1000 clips I need to edit / color correct and reencode to Photo-jpeg. The original clips are from a sony ex3 - mpeg-2. In the past I would edit/correct and then export each clip using prores codec. I would then batch export using compressor to Photo-jpeg.

I understand that I can just export to photo-jpeg using fcp - the reason I created a prores master was incase I needed to re-encode to a different format - the editing / color correction would be already done.

My question is there a better way to do this? Do I risk losing quality using the above process? IE - MPEG2 to PRORES to PhotoJpeg. I always feel that after you add a second encoding you lose quality.

Re: Correct Encoding Workflow
August 09, 2011 11:16AM
Yes and No

You do loose some quality for each compresion but it is negligible. You have already lost the most by starting in mpeg2. I think your process is sound and i can't say too much to make it better. Just do a good CC on it and you will be fine.

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