FONT not working in FCP

Posted by TroyChristian 
FONT not working in FCP
September 27, 2011 08:25PM
hi all -

I have been using a font called Bank Gothic in Motion and have brought the Motion project file (which are text only) into FCP 7.0.3
For the whole day FCP was recognizing and reading the font properly. At one point I changed media under the Motion projects and the fonts in all of them changed to another font. When I rendered it shifted back AT FIRST. That no longer works and now even when I open in the viewer the font is not Bank Gothic. I searched my computer for Bank Gothic - no results. I opened Font book and couldn't find it either. Motion however, sees the font. I downloaded the font from the internet and installed on my computer. It now is in Font Book. FCP still won't recognize it - except where it was rendered before all of this happened. And when it gets to the new spot rendered spot all 4 Motion files switch to the "default" font.

Any ideas?

I have rebooted and run Disk Utility to no avail. This has happened once before and I ended up having to export movies from Motion and then import into FCP but there must be a better way - so I thought I'd ask the gurus...

Thanks for the help ...
Re: FONT not working in FCP
September 27, 2011 09:41PM
FYI - Added another version of Bank Gothic and it seems to be working so far - need to re size and re track tho ... Not sure why the other Bank Gothic exists in Motion and not in my computer fonts tho ...
Re: FONT not working in FCP
September 29, 2011 10:34AM
Did you "Validate Fonts" in Font Book?
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