Workflow Weigh-in

Posted by Ethan 
Workflow Weigh-in
February 18, 2012 02:15PM
So lets say you have a feature length film shot on The Red, or any 4k ish camera where you are going to work with offline quality. And so the Meta-data is considered important by the colorist or people doing the conform. There may be some sharing of dailies online and so you really need to have an offline working resolution.

Sound is shot to a system that uses BWF. The BWF re-wrapped are reportedly hard to re-link and problematical using with multiple drives and systems. And so best practice with them is to Media-manage the files after synching to enshrine that relationship.

This will strip metadata from your offline dailies, and is considered not optimal for conforming the online.

So would a better route would be ingesting the bwf dailies into Pro-tools or re-writing as an interleaved quicktime somehow and then synching? Thoughts? Tools?

Is it better to tether the camera work with the production mixer, and then have production sound re-built?

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