Media Offline!!!

Posted by patrickshenry 
Media Offline!!!
February 20, 2012 11:57AM
I am using FCP 6.0.6. I have the exact same media files in Virginia as I do in California. That said, I just opened 2 of my projects here in CA and in one project the media files are fine but all of my clips in my sequences are "Media Offline". I have tried to reconnect the files to no avail. It says that " is missing and I don't know what that ("winking smiley is or means? When I highlight a clip in the sequence I have right clicked the mouse to reveal in finder and it says that the file is not found although each clip in the sequence has the correct clip name within each clip?

My second project has the same problems as well as it won't allow me to reconnect the original media files although I have them on my external drive? When I go to reconnect them it again says " is missing?

Is there anyway to work around these problems or fix them? Thank whomever in advance for your time and energy!!!

Patrick Henry
Re: Media Offline!!!
February 20, 2012 01:33PM
1) FCP does not have a media management database like in Avid, so it does not automatically scan your disk and reconnect for you. In FCP, you do it folder by folder, and if your media management is good, reconnecting is reasonably fast.

2) The issue of " "" is missing" is an issue that has cropped up occasionally since FCP 6. And usually happens to a corrupted project. If you have a back up copy, check if the same situation occurs in that project. This is one reason I make sure the file names in the finder matches up with the clip name in FCP, as FCP sometimes can forget the entire path of the file during reconnection. Usually you are able to reconnect to most if not all of your clips, and that " "" " file is probably just a render file. Try reconnecting the offline files and skipping the unnamed files.
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