Converting long AVCHD files

Posted by Bec 
Converting long AVCHD files
March 22, 2012 07:31PM
I'm using log and transfer to convert AVCHD files to Apple ProRes. Some of my clips are several hours long and FCP keeps crashing. I'm having to set in and outs, breaking the files into four pieces which takes longer and will involve mare time later when I need to sync my files with additional sound. Is ClipWrap able to convert files this large all at once? Or, is there any other program I can use that is efficient outside of FCP that will successfully convert my large files without my having to break them up?


Re: Converting long AVCHD files
March 22, 2012 07:38PM
You shot clips that are several hours long? Pretty risky. With tapeless, if a clip is interrupted, sometimes the entire clip up to that point is unusable. For event shoots that do require long uninterrupted clips, AVCHD isn't the format they'd pick.

You can try ClipWrap or Voltaic, but I've never personally had anybody shooting clips that long. It's not good for editing, either.
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