OT: Oh Compressor...

Posted by Andrew Kines 
OT: Oh Compressor...
March 25, 2012 09:56AM
I use Compressor all the time to dump out 264s for screening and make DVDs and what have you. I was wrestling with it last night, pushing hard into no sleep territory. Making DVDs and High and low res 264s for various uses of 15 on set playback segments.
This morning I add one more item to compressor and send it to the render cue and mistakenly add an ac3 render to a soundless item (on set monitor Loop). I did this accidentally last night once and it just failed on that item and carried on. This morning it did the same thing EXCEPT, it sent me an email about it. I have never EVER got that compressor email notification thing to work and I have messed around with it a lot in the last three or four years.

So thanks Compressor. I am glad to know I am a dummy and trying to render an audio file for an MOS clip but why are you choosing now to suddenly inform me of my stupidity?

Also non-ironic thanks to Digital Rebellion's Compressor Repair. When it's very late at night and the deadline approaches with the sun, it's nice to just run that thing and start from scratch whenever Qmaster decides that 2+2=papercut or Monday+Orange=ham fist sandwich.

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: OT: Oh Compressor...
March 25, 2012 01:57PM
Very strange... But Compressor's email alerts have never been great because they require you to have a mail server running on your system or an anonymous login to a remote server. Other apps like Avid have much better email notification systems that allow you to enter more details about the server.

Our Render Watcher app is much more reliable at sending Compressor alerts than Compressor's built-in system for this reason:

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