Audio not reconnecting

Posted by JLA 
Audio not reconnecting
April 14, 2012 08:05AM
Hello all, I opened my project, a feature film, today and found my latest sequence had gone offline, I went through the usual steps of reconnecting my media.
The video reconnected normally with no problem.
Though the audio stays offline...After 2 hours of trying to reconnect, I get no love, nothing.

We have 3 cloned HD's with the project and I have tried all 3 on 2 separate computers but nothing...
I went through disk utility to repair the hard drive's...nothing.

The path I'm given when I try to reconnect the audio is to a .mov file or a completely differently named .wav file.
What I don't want is to have to go through the media assets and remount the timeline from scratch.

Im cutting this in Madrid and am finding little support out here...

Any advice?
Re: Audio not reconnecting
April 14, 2012 08:19AM
> The path I'm given when I try to reconnect the audio is to a .mov file or a completely differently named .wav file.

Then that was the file that was used in the edit.

Were you given this project to edit midway through post? Did somebody else do the prep? My first guess would be that the clips you were editing with didn't contain both video and audio. Audio was probably recorded on a separate system (resulting in .wav files) and then those were linked to video files and then made into new master clips. The new master clips look like regular clips with audio and video, but the audio portion connects to a separate file.

Did you already do a system search for the .wav file names? Do you know where your files are -- audio, video, graphics, project files, everything? If not, you need to consult with the person who did your file management and figure out where he put everything. (For me, an editor starting a project needs to know all this stuff, even when you have an assistant.)

If you're relying on FCP to automatically search the whole system for your missing files, don't. Always reconnect manually. FCP does a very iffy job trying to locate files even when they are present somewhere on the system.
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