30 frame dailies keep breaking in 24 frame projects

Posted by Ethan 
30 frame dailies keep breaking in 24 frame projects
May 12, 2012 02:45AM
I'm working on a film where they shot one angle, from one scene @ 29.97 to give it a different look.

This show has double system sound. I sync the dailies, they play ok in the source window, they might even cut into a 23.98 sequence ok, at first. Then all of a sudden the shot is out of sync, and the daily is broken and out of sync as well.

I resorted to cutting that particular bit in a 30 frame sequence and exporting it as 23.98. I cut That file into my 23.98 timeline, and then pasted the edit from the 30 frames sequence over it, and made the clips inactive, after adjusting them. I'll turn them back one when the show goes to CC.

These are ProRes Proxy files. Is this normal behavior?
Re: 30 frame dailies keep breaking in 24 frame projects
May 14, 2012 02:51PM
Just throwing a couple of ideas...

Try cutting the whole thing in 29.97 not 23.976

23.976 translates onto 29.97 using a pull-down but not sure it works the other way around so you should work to the higher frame rate.

Otherwise your 29.97 will only play 23.976fps of the 29.97 frames e.g.: skipping or frame blending to try to match second-for-second.

When you sync the dailies you might also want to create new master merged clips - link the audio and video in the timeline (cmd-L you should see the clip names underlined) then drag the clip to the browser creating a new master clip with both sources.

Try using those new master clips on your edit see if you still get sync issues.

I'm guessing if your final output is 24p then its not the frames per second that will be giving you the "different look" - more that you shot interlaced video and it looks "cheap" versus the 23.976?

Might be worth conforming or standards-converting the 29.97 rushes in that case and cutting on a 23.98 timeline.

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