Final Cut Pro 7 Linking Issues

Posted by MoonShot 
Final Cut Pro 7 Linking Issues
May 29, 2012 07:12PM
I am having issues with unrelated clips linking in my sequence. For instance, if I start to move an audio track, an unrelated track later in my sequence or random other clip will also move. It is a big problem. Any ideas how to fix? I have my linking Linked Selection unselected.
Re: Final Cut Pro 7 Linking Issues
June 01, 2012 03:26AM
For these operations, Shift-L to temporarily disable linking-- your audio tracks should now be free to move without affecting related video.

Or hold down Option when clicking on linked clips to select only video or audio.

- Loren

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Re: Final Cut Pro 7 Linking Issues
June 03, 2012 07:30AM
could be a corrupt sequence.

try copy / paste into a new one.

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