Importing Canon C100 directly into FCP 7

Posted by Logan6 
Importing Canon C100 directly into FCP 7
April 17, 2013 07:59PM
Hi. I'm trying to figure out the best workflow for importing footage off our Canon c100 SD Cards. The c100 has:

Compression: MPEG-4, AVC/H.264
File Format: AVCHD
Color Space: 4:2:0 SD down Conversion: MPEG2

We can 'Log and Transfer' in FCP 7 just fine (it seems). I'm just wondering what is the best ProRes match for these c100 files. And can you control that setting anyways (LT, Proxy, etc.)

We typically deliver our final products as Quicktime movies for the web.. Sometimes they are projected at an event. We generally do a mild amount of color correction in the original timeline and export from that same timeline as an H.264 .mov

I should add that we sometimes use our Canon 60D as a second cam - and edit all the footage (from both cams) on the same timeline. I have always used 422LT with the 60D.

Can I go 422 Proxy to save space? Or is that cutting it down too much? 422LT ?

Thank you.

Jonathan Hoard
Re: Importing Canon C100 directly into FCP 7
April 18, 2013 05:12AM
Yea. ProRes Proxy is cutting down waaayy too much. Use ProRes if you are doing light color correction and finishing and at the least, ProRes LT if you aren't doing much finishing at all.
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