"The project has been modified externally" WTF?

Posted by Wanted Man 
"The project has been modified externally" WTF?
June 20, 2013 07:36AM
While working in FCP7 this morning for the first time ever i had this notification pop up upon trying to save my current project file . . .

"The project has been modified externally. If another user is working on it, saving will overwrite their changes. Do you still want to save?" (options given: save as --- no --- yes)

I am working from a personal laptop, not on a local network, i was connected to the internet at the time but still, no one has copies of my project file appart from me. Why does or would this notification pop up? I did try just clicking 'yes' but was told first "access denied" and upon trying to save again i got "general error". to get out of this i selected 'save as' and renamed the project file.

Not to get too 'Jason Bourne' but how on earth could my project file have been 'modified externally'? In addition no media or assets have been moved around or relocated.

Any ideas, thoughts or explanations???

click here for screenshot of message
Re: "The project has been modified externally" WTF?
June 20, 2013 07:41AM
FCP7 has a substantial number of bugs when it comes to project files and permissions. Just do a Save As under a new name, quit the application, and then re-launch and re-open the new copy. There's a good chance the issue will just disappear.

Re: "The project has been modified externally" WTF?
June 20, 2013 10:34PM
you can get that warring after you "RESTORE" a project to an Autosaved version.

yes, the project has been modified, but FCP thinks it was the computer that did it, (or maybe it this it did it itself) not you.
or something like that.

however in those cases you no not have problem when you DO say yes, it is all ok.

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