How can I "un-deassign" a key?

Posted by Scott Taylor 
How can I "un-deassign" a key?
November 05, 2013 12:08PM
I'm working on an FCP7 project on a different computer than I usually use, and was trying to set up some buttons in the button bar like I have them on my main computer. I have forgotten a lot about how I did this originally, and don't have the other computer nearby for reference. Somewhere in the process I got a dialog box that said my "Home" key was already assigned to a certain key combination and did I really want to de-assign it. I clicked "Yes" before I fully understood what it was asking, and quickly realized that the right answer was "No" because now the Home key on my keyboard does nothing. I really like it to take me to the beginning, as it would do by default if I didn't mess with it. Now I can't figure out how to get the original mapping back for that key. "Undo" doesn't help.
Re: How can I "un-deassign" a key?
November 05, 2013 01:21PM
OPTION-H to assign Keyboard Layout. Type "Home" in the search menu to find it.

Strange, over here, Home is locked and can't be reassigned, even when I have the lock button off.
Re: How can I "un-deassign" a key?
November 05, 2013 04:31PM
Thanks, Derek, I've never tried to remap keys before and hadn't seen the keyboard layout screen in a long time. My lock button was on when I got there, and I had to unlock to change anything. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to reassign that key, but I clicked on Reset and it put Home back where it should be. Since I hadn't been reassigning keys (intentionally), reset only affected the Home key. And I still don't know how setting up buttons make key reassignments, but all is well now.

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