iMovie 10

Posted by Nick Baer 
iMovie 10
December 23, 2013 01:03PM
I really enjoyed the 90-minute Movieola Webinar hosted by Michael Horton, featuring a talented pro from London, walking us through iMovie 10.

So much so, that I downloaded it, well the App store updated it since it comes free with Mavericks.

I actually made a project with it, within a few moments. I used QuickTime Player to record the screen while I was scrolling around a website that I made. i want to make a YouTube demo of said web page.

I heard the expression during the Webinar: "iMovie 10 is FCP X with a consumer front end".

Works for me. I see there is discussion about additional Forums for specific NLEs. Is iMovie 10 going to attract more to this group? Where should we talk about it?

e.g. For two-days I was sad that iMovie 10 created my new project on my boot drive. Searching on Google, the only advice I saw was to create a new project, Q)uit iMovie, drag said Project to wherever you want, delete it from boot drive, re-launch, update.

This morning, I intuitively tried the iPhoto trick of holding the Option key before clicking on iMovie in the Dock to launch it, and keep it held down, until the dialogue box appeared, asking if you want to open an existing project, or create a NEW project, on the drive, in the path, of your choice.

I was kind of hoping I could find said trick here. Where I have found so much good news going back to 2004.
Re: iMovie 10
December 23, 2013 02:26PM
Best place to get all iMovie questions answered is the forum over at Apple. If there is a demand for iMovie here at lacpug I will put one up but for now, there is very little demand.


Michael Horton
Re: iMovie 10
December 23, 2013 03:36PM

"iMovie 10 is FCP X with a consumer front end"

I rest my case. Just kidding . .
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