Posted by Marcus 
February 01, 2014 03:05AM
Hey Guys, I am working on FCP7, doing several projects that involve footage that was shot on XDCAM EX3. We have the XDCAM codec loaded on the Mac's, but it gives us lots of errors. "Codec not found", green, pink, blue screens, wierdly coloured and distorted clips on the Canvas, and shortly after that FCP crashes! This only seems to happen when one is working on the MAXRAID servers. These are not overfull at all, they have plenty of headroom. This gets really frustrating, as you can imagine.. Any thoughts welcome..

Re: XDCAM Woes
February 01, 2014 10:15AM
Have you recently run Software Update? There is an update package that breaks MXF and MPEG playback and file handling in FCP7. If you look in System Preferences, under the Software Update tab there is another tab for listing installed updates. Look through that list for "ProApps Quicktime Codec 1.0.3" That's the one that breaks playback of some files. (this is on 10.6.8 and some 10.7 systems)
There are fixes noted on the apple boards and other places. Some people have been able to replace a few components and get away with that, others have had to reinstall FCP from scratch. A lot of the variation in success seems to depend on how much other codecs and codec related hardware and drivers are installed. (Blackmagic, AJA etc)

NOTE this may not be your problem but it is one candidate.

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: XDCAM Woes
February 01, 2014 11:39PM
Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. I will look into that the way you've explained.

Best wishes,

Re: XDCAM Woes
February 01, 2014 11:55PM
So I imagine then that Quicktime Codecs 1.0.4 would fix this? I have just installed it, so lets see!?
Re: XDCAM Woes
February 02, 2014 10:29AM
While it would be nice, I think it unlikely. 1.0.3 had codec optimizations for FCP X and was not considered a bug.
It just wasn't meant for users of EOL software on OS builds more than 2 iterations out of date.
Would be good to hear if that worked for you though.

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: XDCAM Woes
February 03, 2014 04:45AM
Hey Andrew, I was hopeful to start with, but no - I'm realising something else here though. It doesn't misbehave when working on local drives, be they Firewire or eSata, only when one is working on the network, which has probably another 8 or 9 Macs | PC's connected to it via CAT-6 cable... Means anything?

Thanks for the help...!
Re: XDCAM Woes
February 14, 2014 12:54PM
Could be a slow network switch.

I still use Update 1.0.2, under 10.7, and with everything else installed this was transferred over to the fresh partition I used to test the Mavericks upgrade. Works well in Mavericks with FCP7 under 10.9, but not sure about 9.1 and beyond just yet.

- Loren

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