Cost Effective Mini DV tape ingest for FCP7 ???
May 12, 2014 02:41PM

I have a prospective client offering work who wants me to digitise his footage, would anyone be able to advise the most cost effective way of doing this? The work is corporate and potentially high-volume so i'm looking to get back to them with a competitive quote for the work, digitisation of source material inclusive.

OSX 10.8.2
FCP 7.0
2.7 Intel Core i7
16GB 1600 Mhz

I presume a low-grade DV camcorder to be used purely for ingestion and not a second hand DV deck would be best for a low-budget quote. Is this expectation realistic?

would i for instance be able to connect a 'Sony HVR-M15J Deck Mini DV And DVCam Player Recorder' to my laptop? []

Thanks so much for any suggestions, the inquiry is (of course) urgent and I appreciate any time given to question,

Re: Cost Effective Mini DV tape ingest for FCP7 ???
May 13, 2014 06:40AM
Yes, or one of these, which is even cheaper : []

Many people worked with these for broadcast for a long time. The DSR 25 is better if you can find one, because it has meters and a small monitor, but the DSR 11 would do the job fine.

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