Photo Montage SD DVD

Posted by joeboo20 
Photo Montage SD DVD
June 03, 2014 08:59PM
Hi All,

I'm creating a photo montage for a friend. I mistakenly created pans and zooms in a sequence 1920x1080. If I switch to 720x480, will I need to re-create the motion of each photo or an easy way around this? Photos looks enlarged in the new 720x480 sequence. Thank you.
Re: Photo Montage SD DVD
June 04, 2014 12:03PM
Simply make the SD DVD 16:9.
HD implies 16:9 but SD does not imply 4:3. Notice that 720:480 is not equal to 4:3. Making the pixels in the 720:480 a little higher than wide can give 4:3 image proportions. Making them a little wider than high can give 16:9 image proportions. SD 720x480 is flexible about this.
FCP Sequence Settings call this "pixel aspect ratio". For 720x480 video you can choose "NTSC - CCIR601" and check the box for "Anamorphic 16:9".

Dennis Couzin
Berlin Germany
Re: Photo Montage SD DVD
June 04, 2014 04:20PM
Thank you Dennis. I'll give it a shot. Also, any recommended codec? Does 23.98, 29.97 matter for photo montages? Original 1920x1080 sequence was 23.98.
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