Overlapping clips and EDL export

Posted by Joe Riggs 
Overlapping clips and EDL export
June 16, 2014 06:32PM
Delivering a FCP7 edit to a post house who will be using Nuke.
They requested a flattened quicktime movie and an EDL for each video track.

In the edit there are multiple tracks where clips overlap each other.

Since all they have is a flattened movie, is this overlapping something that will cause issues with the EDL making the accurate edit points?

Should I trim everything so there are no overlaps?

Lastly, if I do need to trim, is there a way to make the clip at the upper most track,
overwrite the clips underneath it. Almost like a merge down in Photoshop, or in CC
you can do option Down, and it will cut through the bottom tracks. I know in FCP7 you get clip collision and that is preferable most of the time but just wondering if there is a quicker way then having to trim/delete/move overlapping clips?
Re: Overlapping clips and EDL export
June 16, 2014 06:51PM
If you just shift drag each entire line down, it should overwrite what's below it. I would trim it just for sanity sake at the other end.

Re: Overlapping clips and EDL export
June 17, 2014 01:41AM
Thanks Jude.

The whole baked file + EDL is a little confusing to me since it's not working properly.

From what I gather, the program receiving the files should be able to automatically cut up the baked file based on the EDL.

I moved all clips to track 1 but when I export the EDL, I get this error

I am dealing with some older footage that may have been trans coded through mpeg streamclip and therefore doesn't have proper time code/reels.

Due to that I'm assuming EDL won't work for me.
Re: Overlapping clips and EDL export
June 17, 2014 03:16AM
It should be fine, Joe. The EDL may not be able to reference the original clips, but it doesn't need to because the post house will be working from your "baked" export file. The EDL from the original flattened timeline will still show all the actual cuts which is what they'll need.

Really the only potential problem is if you've used any dissolves or other effects which require additional frames that aren't included in your export file. That makes things a little more complicated - but not insurmountable.


Re: Overlapping clips and EDL export
June 17, 2014 08:52AM
Flatten your timeline to one layer. As you suspect, they are most likely using it to add edits to the Nuke timeline which, depending on the length of the program, can really speed up their work and eliminate missed elements.

Depending on how many clips without TC and reel number you have, it shouldn't make too much of a difference whether they're included in the EDL. What the people on the other end are looking for is the edit points which will come up in the EDL even if they don't have specific sources and clip names. So flatten the timeline, bang out the EDL and send them that.

If they must have proper source names and TC in the EDL, add a reel name to all of the MPEGStreamclip footage. You can do this all at once by adding a name to one of the clips in the "reel name" column in the browser window then selecting all of them in the browser, right clicking on the previously named one's reel name and selecting that name from the contextual menu that pops up. All the selected clips should now have a reel name.

I think that should be enough to make your EDL work. If I remember correctly, once you add a reel name it gives the clip a starting TC of 00:00:00:00

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