The Effect Of Fiverr on the creative industry?

Posted by J.Corbett 
The Effect Of Fiverr on the creative industry?
September 19, 2014 12:02AM
I have used fiver for about 7 voice overs in the past year. On average i paid 30 per V/O. I would even say to get your stuff on time 30. would be the average. However there are people on there that do 15-30sec animation for like 40 bucks. In my opinion they could easily draw 30-45% of the freelance design, motion graphic, and soon editing market.

Some of the examples are really nice. However, for companies to ensure they have original footage, script and style i say that the small production houses are still safe though they could loose the extra graphic revenue. In 1 year Fiverr is going to effect the industry in a measurable way. All that will be left is your style and level of complexity to command the rates we get today.

If you are in a small town market like me you can see this a little bit now. In my market i have established a brand and we push 3 creative services. web was effected by the web.coms of the world but but it has rebounded for those who want their own style and not something template looking. This may happen over time in the graphic industry as well.

A while back i had posted or responded to a thread about being multifaceted and someone in the thread coined the term "Preditor" meaning producer/editor. There were a lot of post that supported being able to do everything in the chain to a decent level while only specializing in 1 or 2 as opposed to being a specialist a 1 or 2 only. I think those discussions are have came to be more relevant now.

The new 100USD max rate designer/voice/engineer/colorist/SLASH is here. All thats left is Style, Originality and/or Complexity. That's all ever mattered.

How do you feel about this evolution?

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Re: The Effect Of Fiverr on the creative industry?
September 23, 2014 12:41PM
you can't beat the business model . it's just like the rise of the desktop computer, before long everyones doing it.

EDIT: ok ive just checked it out. pretty disgusting to be honest and yes it'll change things . some two-bit college kid doing 2 designs in 48hrs for less than $10 ?

It's like people looking for editors on Mandy:


"Looking for an editor that can edit 4K material filmed with RED without lagging. Pay: 750 pounds for 15 full editing days - mon-fri for three weeks"

you may as well just roll over and die after extracting all your blood and giving it to a director for free who has the balls to ask for free or virtually free skills and labour.
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