Merge an AVID ALE to Quicktimes

Posted by SteveX86 
Merge an AVID ALE to Quicktimes
March 02, 2015 11:28PM
Looking for some help taking an ALE and merging that Metadata into QuickTime?

I was curious if anyone has tried merging the Metadata from an Avid ALE to the QuickTime’s in Cinema tools.
For Instance if the D.I. Facility supplied me with new quick times and the FileName was names something different from the ALE or did not match the Master clips in the Avid Bin.
Is there a way to merge and update the FILENAME and CAMROLL using the ALE which has the correct Metadata.

I have written 2 scripts that do this but it is not something we went to pass onto the rest of the staff here due to the fact that they can damage a lot of media in a hurry if they don’t understand the script and what they are doing.
So that’s why I have been browsing the internet looking for something to help with this problem.

VB43_3_A029 – This is QuickTime clip named incorrectly by the D.I. Facility.
VB43A-3 – This is the Correct Clip name supplied to Editorial and in the ALE.

Re: Merge an AVID ALE to Quicktimes
March 03, 2015 06:59PM
sorry, i don't understand Avid ALEs at al.

would it be possible to re-name the quicktime file?

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