2.5inch Raids & 4k

Posted by J.Corbett 
2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 02, 2015 06:25PM
Has anyone here successfully implemented a 7K-2.5inch 4bay raid solution?

Maybe using Raid5 or hopefully i can get away with Raid1 on an esata connection.

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Re: 2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 03, 2015 12:08AM
What is a "7K" 2.5" 4 Bay RAID solution? What's the 7K?

2.5" eSATA RAID? In today's market? Good luck. eSATA is long in the tooth....and 2.5" Raid 5 solutions are newer. Here's a Thunderbolt option:


Plenty of eSATA RAID options for full sized drives, but laptop sized? Not that I know of. I don't even think there are FW800 versions of those.


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Re: 2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 06, 2015 12:40PM
7k = 7200rpm
but the fact that there are not many say its not there. I just purchased a 5,1 6-core westmere. I am planning on running a thunderbolt card on it. I just wanted a 4 or 2 bay that i could carry around from bay to bay. the HD element i have at home just doesn't cut it as a carry around. I have been using a studio downtown as an alternative location for about 7months and yes carrying the Element between the 2 places. Not Fun.

""" What you do with what you have, is more important than what you could do, with what you don't have."

> > > Knowledge + Action = Wisdom - J. Corbett 1992
Re: 2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 07, 2015 12:01AM
Nope. There are no thunderbolt PCIe cards. You can get a Usb3 card, though.

Edit: Not for the Mac. But HP...

I haven't tried this yet though. And seems like it only works on specific HP models.

Re: 2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 10, 2015 07:06PM
eSATA and USB3.0 connections are both plenty fast enough for carrying two or three strands of 4K 30p in codecs up to ProRes 422 HQ (but not in 444 or 444 XQ). PCIe cards are readily available for eSATA and USB3.0.

The pinch comes with the hard drive's read speed. Assuming electro-mechanical hard drives, four or so in RAID 5 can read fast enough for those two or three strands. The RAID box can connect by eSATA or USB3.0. Thunderbolt gains you nothing.

Thunderbolt connection becomes necessary only when the drives are SSD and in RAID configurations. You're forced to this for, e.g., 4K 60p in 444 XQ.

2.5" vs. 3.5" hard drive read speeds. The rpm doesn't tell the whole story since the outside of the 3.5" disk is moving 40% faster than the outside of the 2.5" disk at the same rpm. The best 3.5" 7200 rpm drives can read data faster than the best 2.5" 7200 rpm drives. 2.5" 10000 rpm drives are very expensive. It is simplest to add one more 2.5" 7200 rpm drive to the RAID to regain the read speed lost to the smaller size.

Dennis Couzin
Berlin, Germany

[note added 15 April 2015: If going the eSATA route be careful that RAID box and PCIe card are 6 Gb/s capable.]
Re: 2.5inch Raids & 4k
April 24, 2015 12:38PM

Is Thunderbolt II a gamechanger?

- Loren

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