Your Work Sucks - Being honest without burning bridges

Posted by Joe Riggs 
Your Work Sucks - Being honest without burning bridges
April 17, 2015 03:05AM
Why is audio the bane of my existence? I really wish directors/producers would pay more attention to the qualifications of key crew.

Here's the latest fiasco:

Edited a project till picture locked and turned over to Sound.

Director and sound designer worked on it for a good while, they spent a lot of time
to get it "just right". Occasional updates would come in and I hear nothing but accolades
about the designer's work from the director.

So I'm psyched to check it out....I get the mix back and holy smokes, it stinks,
the music in particular ruins the edit. I mean it's no Oscar winner to begin with but the music
composed doesn't fit and kills whatever tension, comedy, drama we built in the cut.

I'm shocked the director signed off on this, it is so bad that I'm seriously considering
removing my name from it.

I was asked to give feedback and I have to tell them the honest truth, hopefully they listen,
but how would you go about telling them in a political way in order to not offend or burn bridges?
Re: Your Work Sucks - Being honest without burning bridges
April 18, 2015 05:40PM
I would say that I was worried about the film and point out how the music is killing the dramatic and comedic moments in a particular few places, but not couch it in an accusing way. Then see what the reaction is to those couple of things before proceeding. Sometimes people like different stuff to you, and if it's their film, there's really not a lot you can do about it.

Re: Your Work Sucks - Being honest without burning bridges
April 21, 2015 12:39PM
I Had a very similar experience. My words where, "Truthfully I am disappointed." Why, "In places it is wildly inappropriate." He went on to tell me how great it was but it's ok he realizes different people have different tastes. And then he showed it to other people, and perhaps because I was upfront he had to ask others what they thought. I don't know, but the music did get re-done.
Re: Your Work Sucks - Being honest without burning bridges
April 24, 2015 12:47PM
If you have skin in the game (co-producing, back end participatrion, deferred salary, etc) then you can loud howl when your work is compromised by post elements outside your direct control. Otherwise, low growl. Remember. we're all story consultants at heart.

- Loren

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