Not Sure Why ProRes Requires Render

Posted by hanguolaohu 
Not Sure Why ProRes Requires Render
September 30, 2015 07:16PM
Just fired up FCP 7 after a very long hiatus and am encountering an issue where ProRes footage I drop onto the timeline creates a red render bar. I'll include a screenshot of my Browser columns for the clip and sequence, but something is not matching.

Compressor: Apple ProRes 422
Frame Size: 1920 x1080
Vid Rate: 23.98 fps
Pixel Aspect: Square
Field Dominance: None

My system is a brand new laptop which I assume should be able to handle ProRes footage without rendering.

My system specs:
Early 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 13"
2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Intel Iris Graphics 6100

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Re: Not Sure Why ProRes Requires Render
October 01, 2015 09:19AM
gotta say, it's almost impossible to read that image,
it's too small !
any chance of a bigger version?

i'd say check the clip's Alpha channel, although it looks (when i squint) to be correct : None / Ignore

check to see if the clip has any offline components.
i've had clips which *think* they connect to two instances of the same file,
one of which offline.
reconnecting (manually) fixed the issue

Re: Not Sure Why ProRes Requires Render
October 07, 2015 11:26AM
Any effects applied to the clips after you put it in the timeline?
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