New member Repost - Red Workflow

Posted by coquisb 
New member Repost - Red Workflow
October 02, 2015 02:00PM
I have not been mainstream active for a few years now, however I do have my own FCP 7 system and cut on a regular basis.

With all that said I have a workflow question and would the below breakdown be a realistic feature film workflow.

Shoot on Red MX
Ingest into FCP via Red Cine X Pro and transcode to Pro Res.
Use the Pro Res files to create viewing DVD's/Dailies and to edit.
When the edit is complete XML out and use Red software to create a 4K cut version.
4K cut version then can be color timed/modified in Da Vinci.
Sound EFX, Dialogues, Music etc.
Import dubbed sound masters into FCP. Sync with 4K Master and Export deliverables.

I guess my real question is, "can this all be completed system side"?

Thanks and any input will be greatly appreciated.
Re: New member Repost - Red Workflow
October 05, 2015 01:46AM
it sounds ok in theory, although you don't list your system specs.

are you planning on processing ad preparing the RED footage yourself?
unfortunately i haven't worked with RED footage,
so i cant say much about it, but your plan seems pretty straightforward.

you'll need the non-free version of DaVinci resolve to work with the 4k files.
and some pretty fast drives, too!

Re: New member Repost - Red Workflow
October 05, 2015 01:47AM
i'll add that Resolve is pretty comprehensive,
and you might not need to bring anything back into FCP to create your deliverables.

Re: New member Repost - Red Workflow
October 07, 2015 11:23AM
You can use the Resolve to generate the rushes. I believe the free DaVinci now let's you work in higher than 4k.

Fcp works with 4k but it's slow. Premiere is faster with 4k. Or you can try fcpx.
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