[OT] Convert MKV to Prores

Posted by hanguolaohu 
[OT] Convert MKV to Prores
October 30, 2015 03:50PM
Slightly off-topic but unsure where to post as the Compressor forum is currently read-only...

Trying to convert an MKV video file to Prores to edit in FCP 7. What is the preferred method to accomplish this? Compressor doesn't accept MKV files. Handbrake can import Prores but cannot export. MPEG Streamclip has an error reading the file, not sure if it can handle MKV files. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Re: [OT] Convert MKV to Prores
October 31, 2015 02:40AM
i've done it via compressor in the past,
it took a very very long time.

i've a memory of someone saying to open the mkv in Quicktime,
saving as a reference
then using that in Compressor.

Re: [OT] Convert MKV to Prores
October 31, 2015 02:50AM
Nick Meyers Wrote:
> i've done it via compressor in the past, it took a very very long time.

You're telling me! Compressor has been running for 9 hours now and 36 hours remaining eye popping smiley

From my research MKV is just a container format for an MP4. I restumbled upon a tool I've used before called MP4tools by the same developer as MKVtools. MP4tools converted the MKV to an MP4 within 5 minutes. But the conversion to compressor is completely ridiculous. I may have to revert to good ol' MPEG Streamclip. But before I do that, I'll try your suggestion. Thanks Nick!
Re: [OT] Convert MKV to Prores
November 08, 2015 09:58PM
here's the answer i was looking for but couldn't find last week:

"There's an app you can buy called SMART CONVERTER...use that to "re-wrap" the file to H.264. And then convert that H.264 to ProRes with Compressor or MPEG STREAMCLIP."

Re: [OT] Convert MKV to Prores
June 19, 2017 08:13AM
I used to convert mkv video with Acethinker Video Converter, free and works perfect. It is a cloud based software to convert videos without install any software in your device. You may check it out.
Re: [OT] Convert MKV to Prores
February 08, 2018 10:40AM
You can convert any file with handbrake video converter it support 200+ formats..... give it a try.....

Any Video Converter and WinX Video Converter also work well....

see the list of top ten video converters

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