Sharing Thunderbolt Storage

Posted by AndyPetruzzo 
Sharing Thunderbolt Storage
March 15, 2016 06:40PM
Hi there,

Recently, the company where I work transitioned from using an ISIS server to Thunderbolt external drives.

Currently, I am the only editor. But in a few weeks we're bringing in an assistant editor, and we'll need to share the Thunderbolt drives.

What is the best method for doing this? We would be using two Mac Minis (Late 2014) with Thunderbolt.

Best case scenario -- having maximum connection speed, as we're working with Pro Res HQ and DNXHD 175X straight off the drives.

Thanks so much!
Re: Sharing Thunderbolt Storage
March 15, 2016 07:37PM
well you can't exactly share a single drive if that's what you're asking.
no way to make a simple drive behave like a server.

you could try having it hoked up to one Mac Mini via thunderbolt,
and then network the two computers via ethernet,
but unless the drive are raided, they probably ant be fast enough.

iv'e been working for years with non-shared drives and the way we do it is this:
we each wrk on a single drive.
they act as backups of each other, so if one fails (or WHEN one fails!) we are covered.
it's a faster recovery if there is a third drive for just such occasions.

the drives have exactly the same file structure on both,
so FCP can reconnect easily
there is a fair bit of work in maintaining this, both from your assistant , and from you.
if you grab a file from the internet, say, at some point it has to be copied over to the other system.

we would do a cross check once a week.
there is syncing software that can help.

the drives also have to have the SAME NAME,
this means FCP wil reconnect with no problems at all.
we use different icons on them to distinguish them when they are both mounted

they systems are connected via ethernet,, and when needed, you assistant can hand you projects.
we prefer to mount the drive for they, hen un-mount it.
otherwise, when you open their new project it wil actually be connected to their media,
which can be a bit of a problem latter on.

well thats tricky
it was simpler not to try to share them,
and for me to just handle my own renders.

it's definitely not as simple as shared storage,
but it's cheaper!
although I'm getting a bit sick of it, and am looking about for cheaper shared solutions.

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