Digitizing old EDbeta footage

Posted by bj 
Digitizing old EDbeta footage
May 03, 2016 11:49AM
Having trouble keeping audio in sync with video.
Using an older laptop MBP 17" 1.5GHz with FW 800 capture drive .
FCp4 capture with IO LA.
10b uncompressed preset.
Seems to work fine in FCP 4 timeline.
Send to quicktime movie.

then to El capitan MBP 17" 2.2ghz
Tried playback on my new FCP 7 system,
At this point the audio at the end of the 7 min interview is out by 1/2 a sec or more.

Any ideas?
am i trying to do too much?
Change capture preset to lower quality?

Thanks for any advice.
Bob J.
Re: Digitizing old EDbeta footage
May 04, 2016 07:21PM
Half sec error in 7 min suggests that you have a 30.00 fps vs 29.97 fps error. You can fix this by separating the video and audio, conforming one or the other to a new rate, and putting them back together. If the timeline is 29.97 conform the longer element to 30. If the timeline is 30 conform the shorter element to 29.97.

Dennis Couzin
Berlin, Germany
Re: Digitizing old EDbeta footage
June 05, 2016 11:51AM
After chatting with a very helpful AJA tech rep. he mentioned that what i was trying to do was not really possible with modern computers and that I was digitizing at much too high a quality , which isn't in the original video. I dumbed it down a lot in the settings and all worked well. Can't remember what i had to change, but i think my timeline setting was wrong too.
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