Questions about Canon 5D mark2 footage going from Premiere ProCC to FCP 7.
November 20, 2016 12:16PM

I hope I can make the following clear as i am still trying to figure things out myself. Many thanks to anyone in advance for reading this.

So my co-director edited our 17min documentary on her Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014 version I think) on her macbook pro retina. She is thousands of kilometers away and sent me an XML. I have imported the XML to my MacBookPro( 15"-mid 2012-macOS10.8.4)) into my FCP 7. I will be adding in titles, B-roll and doing the color correction.

Most of the footage was shot on a Canon 5dmark2. Some of the footage was shot with a Panasonic GH3. We are working in HD 1920x1080 25p. We did not initially convert the Canon footage to Apple ProRes 422 as in her Premiere it was fine.

Here is my question (surely more to come in other posts):
>>I know that when working in fcp7 I should be converting the Canon 5Dmk2 footage to apple pro res, but it looks fine in h.264 in the timeline right now. Can I leave it as h.264 or do I need to convert it before I color correct???

>>And if I need to convert, is there some quick and efficient way anyone can recommend?

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Thank you very much!!

Kind regards,
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