Problems reconnection audio - "File Attribute Mismatch"
November 27, 2016 07:37AM
Dear Everyone,

Many thanks in advance to anyone reading this and to anyone with some advice. I just spent 2 hours skyping with my sound engineer but he does not know FCP7.

So my co-director edited our 17min documentary on her Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2014 version I think) on her macbook pro retina. She is thousands of kilometers away and sent me an XML. I have imported the XML to my MacBookPro( 15"-mid 2012-macOS10.8.4)) into my FCP 7. I will be adding in titles, B-roll and doing the color correction.

I was able to reconnect the media from our cameras without difficulty. But I had problems converting the audio which was recorded by our sound engineer. In any case I proceeded to convert the whole program to apple pro res 422HQ, 25fps, using media manager.

Our sound engineer came back from his trip today but was unable to help me reconnect the .wav files from his sound recorder. He thinks we need to change the bit rate of the timeline which is at 32 bit floating integer when I look in the browser, but on the other hand when in the sequence and pressing command 0, it says 16bit. We could not find a way to change it from 32 bit floating integer to 16bit. I am still getting the same error message:

File Attribute Mismatch
Some attributes of one or more of the files you have chosen do not match the attributes of the original. This may cause problems within the sequences that are dependent on them. The attributes that differed are as follows:
-Media Start and End

When I press "Continue" and tell it to reconnect anyway, the sound is out of sync with the camera sound. But the sound quality seems fine. I guess in the worst case I should resync the sound manually, but am hoping for a quicker solution.

Thank you very much!!

Best regards,
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