Projection on Christie

Posted by Pankaj Butalia 
Projection on Christie
June 11, 2017 11:49PM
A bit of a problem with my new film's first projection this evening ...
shot HD on Sony (XAVC) converted to PreRes (HQ), edited on FCP7 and
make QT file with same settings ... now need to project film ... in large theatre
with Christie 2K projector. Am projecting from ProRes file from laptop because I don't have a
DCP - can't afford one.

Went to check projection and found contrast really high ... turning a chunk of the film almost dark.

That's not how it looks on the IMac or tv screen .... seems perfect ...
and the projectionist insists there is no way to alter settings on a Christie - either by lowering contrast or increasing

So, I'm stuck ... do I just take out a new copy with lower contrast and less blacks ?

Have only ten hours between now and projection ... hence the SOS to anyone who can offer a solution.

Re: Projection on Christie
June 12, 2017 07:56PM
Of course you can afford a DCP. There are excellent free softwares for making DCPs. DCP-o-matic is one that's especially easy to learn.

DCP is the one output format which can assure the filmmaker how the film will look on the screen. That is, once you know it looks in one DCP projection you know how it looks in all DCP projections.

It is also possible, without ever seeing your DCP projected or seeing it displayed with DCP-playback software, to predict how it will look when projected. DCP-o-matic provides a utility called "dumpxyz" that lets you read the X',Y',Z' in DCP test frames. Those values simply imply (except for the brightness of the projector lamp) what color (CIE X,Y,Z) you will see on the screen.

10 hours is about enough time to make a 90 minute DCP with a big Mac. DCP format occupies about the same disk space as ProRes HQ. Carry a DCP to the theatre instead of your .mov file.

Dennis Couzin
Berlin, Germany
Re: Projection on Christie
June 19, 2017 09:19AM
if time is very limited,
simply change the settings in quicktime (Command K in quicktime player7)
or VLC (Command E)

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