Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful

Posted by Groovy3 
Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful
May 04, 2018 03:58PM
I have imac 2011 with recient High serra installed - ouch
Wanting to downgrade and install OS x 10.6.3 from disk -
I have disk -

tried to make Dual boot drive and No Love -

so after 3 days I am giving up and taking imac
to Independent apple repair location-

called Apple and was told my imac came with
Snow Leopard stock so it should run it -

called 5 apple independent repair stores and several said
they did not know if downgrade was possible-
( I have read that High Sierras is Special ) ouch

Found a place in austin said they could do it and the person
sounded Very knowledgeable So I have hope they can install-

Is there any things I should have to make downgrading go smooth
any software I should take with me to repair shop —
Quicktime pro etc- ????????
(if you have links to download would be greatly appreciated)
want to get to os x 10.6.8 I think ?

I’m not much of a computer nerd -
I really Enjoyed using FCP7
for me it worked almost Flawless for years -
can doing anything I want 3 different ways in UI -
plus map keyboard - Buttons - nice key framing -
add in motion and soundtrack equals a Sweet Studio-
Liked Soundtrack a Lot


I ordered disk copy of Snow leopard -
it takes exactly 30 days to get disk from apple
No Download available OS x 10.6 / 10.3 is -
have to use disk and wait 30 days -

purchased a disk from retailer for $50
got next day - 10.6.3
Re: Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful
May 04, 2018 09:46PM
simplest solution would be to do a clean instal of the OS, and all your apps.

make a back up of our drive first, though.

Re: Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful
May 05, 2018 01:14AM
I tried to do clean install High serra won’t erase completely -
it leaves Base OS section that Blocks OS downgrade-
Re: Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful
May 05, 2018 07:13AM
The disk can be completely erased, or even replaced, but your installation of High Sierra included an (unasked for) upgrade to your computer's own firmware. The new firmware is what prevents installation of older operating systems.

Mac firmware can't be user-downgraded. A competent shop can do it. However, dual-boot, with old and new operating systems, is do-it-yourself possible even with the new firmware. To make this you first install the desired old operating system on another disk using another Mac that has old firmware. Then you clone ("restore" ) that disk to a partition of the disk on your computer. (This requires the partition to be formatted HFS+, not APFS.) The restoration, unlike an installation, is not prevented by the new firmware.

Dennis Couzin
Berlin, Germany
Re: Down Grading OS to Snow Leopard is Painful
May 05, 2018 02:53PM
Thanks Dennis and Nick -

I am taking Imac to shop to have Snow Leopard installed -
going to try to have dual boot drive done so that
I can still surf online safely
Dual boot drive is Possiable ? correct ?

I don’t have 2nd mac to to install from and was trying to
use USB drive but I could not make it work -

I am not a nerd but i try - lol

Thanks for your help -
I am Excited to have a smooth running FCP7
system again - Jay
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