Hardware: HDMI to ethernet cable and back again

Posted by Loren Miller 
Hardware: HDMI to ethernet cable and back again
August 03, 2018 01:37AM
There are recent and affordable devices- most sell as a transmit-receive pair- which take HDMI A/V signal out of your Mac or say, your Intensity Pro PCI card, allow you to run it through these adapters to inexpensive Cat 6 cable which goes around the room to your big screen TV where the cable plugs into back into an HDMI receiver adapter and from that into your display.

IPTV is supposed to be the new trend-- any editor here employed this concept yet? Because I can't jam a thick HDMI cable running 35' into that wall gap running around my little digihovel, but ethernet cable would fit perfectly.

Then I can watch my work in progress on a big screen, check color on a decent consumer flat, etc.

Some info I've read says you need two such cable runs, but why? It's a one-way transmission, right?

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller
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