DVD Studio Pro/Playback Issue

Posted by ciccone39 
DVD Studio Pro/Playback Issue
September 23, 2018 02:37PM
Here's my situation. I still use Final Cut Pro 7 and DVD Studio Pro for standard video projects.

A DVD i just made has playback issues. The audio is about a half second behind. And, when I navigate ahead to the next chapter, the picture breaks up for a split second before jumping to the next chapter. Also, when I pause the DVD, the picture does not de-interlace leaving a flickering TV screen (4:3 television).

I encode the mpeg2 video using the Cinema Craft MP plug-in through Apple Compressor. For this video I use a constant bit rate at 7.8 mbps as suggested by the bit rate calculator I use. I've never encountered such a problem before with countless other DVD's I've created.

Any help as to what causes this problem would be great!
Re: DVD Studio Pro/Playback Issue
October 31, 2018 03:35PM
A few things come to mind in order of ease:

- Clear out your disk cache - I use Onyx for this maintenance.

- Clean the lens on your player!

- Or... despite your following recommendations, it's possible your bit rate is way too high. I think the max is what? 8 Mb/s?

What is the CreativePro MP plugin? I go straight to Toast.

I encode discs (yes, some of us still need them!) from ProRes HD export to Toast widescreen DVD at around 5.5 Mb/s. Looks great, performs fine.


Best, as always.
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