When outputting uncompressed video, some clips turn black.

Posted by Robert 
When outputting uncompressed video, some clips turn black.
September 21, 2019 07:24AM
Hello Everyone!

Thank you very much to anyone reading this. I am going a bit crazy here and am already past my deadline.

I am making a sort of "slideshow" to a classical music concert on FCP7. So I have a music track from the sound engineer all finished and am editing still tiff photos to this with zooms and cross fades. I am making 4 separate films like this - each its own sequence but within the same project.

3 sequences work fine, but the 4th is having a big problem:
Some clips come out black when I output an uncompressed video. And it varies a bit which one it is, although they tend to be towards the end. Sometimes the sound is there and sometimes not. When I just output again these individual problem clips as uncompressed, they come out fine. It happens when it is the whole sequence that the problem comes.

I have opened a new sequence and copied and pasted everything into here and it still happens. Again the other 3 movies which are set up the same way are fine.

Any suggestions??

Thank you very much!!
Kind regards,

= = = = = =

>MacBook Pro mid 2012 - 15" - MacOS10.8.4
>FCP 7.0.3
>Sequence set to Apple Pro Res 422HQ - 1920x1080 - 29.97fps
>Photos are tiffs
>I output the uncompressed 10bit 4:2:2 with quicktime conversion.
Re: When outputting uncompressed video, some clips turn black.
September 25, 2019 03:50AM
with all your various exports of the problem sequence,
do you have enough to build a whole one?

can you just re-export the problem areas, then patch the black holes?

another thought:
can you export as Prores, rather than uncompressed?

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